We met in July 2012 in Durban, South Africa. Peter was thinking about riding a motorbike from Cape Town to London or Prudhoe Bay to Tierra-del-Fuego. Margaret had already decided that she wanted a change in her life and was thinking about going to work as a hair-stylist on a cruise liner.


We sold our homes and put our worldly possessions in storage. The initial plan was to buy a motorhome in Amsterdam and travel through Europe but that proved to be practically impossible with Margaret's South African passport. It was however possible for us to buy a motorhome (RV) in the USA and so it was that in June 2013 we arrived in the USA. We spent a large part of the next three years traveling through the USA, Canada and Mexico in the RV. You can read all about the RV trips here and see what it cost here.

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We sold the RV in June 2016 and decided that we would continue our travels in a yacht. Our children live in Australia and New Zealand and the yacht would give us far more flexibility. We would be able to see far more of our children and get to see places that we couldn’t otherwise see. The plan sounded quite simple – learn to sail and buy a yacht. The learning to sail part was relatively easy but buying a yacht proved to be a lot harder. There are many horror stories of people buying yachts only to find out that they have in fact bought a lemon and we tried to learn from these horror stories. We had to take 3 yachts to survey before we actually bought one and you can read all about that here.


It took us well over a year to find Great Escape and it took so long that we landed up buying an on-site caravan in New South Wales in Australia which we used as a semi-permanent base when not sailing.

We owned Great Escape for almost 4 years. We have been travelling for some time now and our time on Great Escape proved to be the most work and the least enjoyable. I somehow think we bought into the dream of retiring on a yacht and spending our time in exotic locations. The reality is that most of the time is spent doing maintenance on the yacht. Owning an older yacht is simply hard work.


Coupled with the amount of work that needs to be done, is the fact that ocean sailing is hard work, especially as one gets older. Peter has done 3 big passages (all over 1 000nm each) one of which was an ocean crossing and they are demanding. You can read all about the passage from New Zealand to Australia here and view a short video we made here. It was on the New Zealand to Australia passage that Peter decided it was time to do something different. We sold Great Escape in July 2021 (the video is here) and the on-site caravan in January 2022 (the video is here). We are joining the ranks of the Grey Nomads to do a lap, or two, around Australia.

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Is this lifestyle always easy? No, we cannot honestly say that it is. Being far from children and family can be really hard and this lifestyle has its challenges. Is it amazing? That it certainly is! We have met some wonderful people and been to some places that take your breath away.  There is much to see and do on this planet we call home.


Is this lifestyle about money? No, if all of us living this unconventional off-the-treadmill lifestyle waited until we had enough money, there would be very few of us doing this. Right now there are people seeing the world on bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, in cars, in RV's, on boats and even in small aeroplanes. There are even some doing this on foot. Don't believe me? Google is your friend. The majority of us have to worry about  money. You can meet us here and read about how it started here.

We hope our story inspires you to live your dream.

Life is too short to do otherwise.