Great Escape gets Antifouled

April 24, 2021 Peter No comments exist

Antifouling: The process of protecting your hull from marine growth by applying a protective paint layer to the bottom of your boat.

It has been a while since Great Escape was taken out of the water and even longer since the boat was last antifouled. We could see the marine growth at the water line and it didn’t look pretty. To make matters worse, the boat had been on a swing mooring near a power station pumping out large volumes of warm water which marine life thrive in. It was time to get the boat out of the water and paint the bottom – a costly and time consuming process.


The first question was whether to do it ourselves or have a boat yard do it for us. We decided to do it ourselves for two reasons; it would be cheaper and a learning experience for us. Our experience with having people do work for us on the boat has not been good and we prefer to do the work ourselves if we can.


There is only one boat yard on Lake Macquarie at Marmong Point Marina. The staff at Marmong Point Marina were really helpful. It is quite a process antifouling a boat. Once the boat has been hauled out of the water and the bottom scraped and pressure washed, the boat is placed in a cradle and then the work really starts.


The first step is to acid wash the water line which is followed by washing the bottom of the boat with the marine equivalent of sugar soap. This is followed by sanding the bottom to get rid of all the stubborn marine growth and loose paint. We then washed the bottom with clean water and left it dry overnight. In some places the previous antifoul had worn away completely and these areas then had to be primed. This was followed by two full coats of antifoul paint.


Six days later and we were done.

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