Bermagui to Wyee Point

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We spent a few nights in Bermagui waiting for a suitable weather window. This would be the last stretch but we would stop in at Careel Bay Marina in Broken Bay for a few weeks to visit our good friends, Win and Helan, and to do some maintenance before taking the boat to Wyee Point. There isn’t much that Win can’t fix on boats and we wanted to get his view on some of the electrics, especially the battery, which was a single 200 amp battery.


The first stop would be Wollongong which is predominantly a fishing village and we tied up alongside one of the fishing boats for the three days we spent there. Margaret’s daughter and her family paid us a visit as did Geoffrey’s brother and his wife.

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It was while in Wollongong that we sprung another water leak. Prior to leaving Adelaide we noticed that the Dometic Tap Mixer in the Galley basin was leaking. It wasn’t leaking badly but we didn’t want to risk it becoming a problem on the trip to Wyee. We called in at the Boating, Camping and Fishing (BCF) store in Adelaide and ordered a new one which had to be sent from Perth in WA. The new Tap Mixer worked fine until one of the pipes suddenly burst in Wollongong sending a spray of hot steam throughout the boat. We traced the fault to the burst pipe and took the Tap Mixer in to the BCF store in Wollongong and asked them to order a replacement from Perth. The manager of the BCF store was incredibly helpful but the same cannot be said about the Dometic office in Perth. They simply refused to send a new Tap Mixer via courier even though they were well aware that we were in transit and there was some urgency.

One of the Senior Managers from Dometic in Queeensland got involved and promised to sort the matter out but again their customer service proved far from satisfactory. Peter managed to find the email address of Miss Chialing Hsueh, the President of the Asia Pacific region, and sent her an email asking for her to intervene. That certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons and the matter was resolved rather quickly.


We spent a wonderful month at Careel Bay Marina in Broken Bay visiting friends and family and also replaced the single 200 amp house battery with 4 120 amp batteries. And then it was time for the last leg, an overnight trip from Broken Bay to Wyee Point. It was two very tired but very happy sailors once the boat arrived in Wyee Point!


And so almost 10 months after buying the boat in Adelaide, we finally had the boat in her new home. It had been quite an experience. We certainly could not have done it without Geoffrey. Thank you Geoffrey Tapper, we owe you big time!

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