A Welcome Break

September 23, 2018 Peter No comments exist

After weeks of messing around, rather unsuccessfully, with the head on the boat, it was a welcome relief to have a few days away from the boat. Peter’s daughter and son-in-law needed to get away from the weather in New Zealand and get some sun and were going to spend a week in Surfers Paradise in Queensland. We would be joining them for a few days. It would also be a good time to catch up with one of Margaret’s good friends that she hadn’t seen for a while. Debbie lives in Queensland and we would spend a night with her before continuing north. We are, as a general rule, not in favour of Airbnb having had some unpleasant experiences in the past, but the only reasonably priced accommodation we could find was with Airbnb. We were pleasantly surprised with our Airbnb accommodation in Ballina.

Surfers Paradise is essentially a holiday destination with row upon row of high-rise holiday accommodation. It is certainly a favourite among Australians and New Zealanders.

It is a short trip from Surfers Paradise to Byron Bay which must rank as one of the top Australian tourist destinations. It is not hard to see why.

We had heard of Nimbin in New South Wales and, as we were close by with a few hours to spare, decided to see what all the fuss is about. Nimbin has a population of just over 300 most of whom are doing their best to escape society. It has a reputation for being the drug capital of Australia with the authorities seemingly turning a blind eye.

We must admit, with all the frustrations on the boat head, there are some days when we could do with a visit to the ‘Happy High Herbs’ shop!

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