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May 15, 2021 Peter No comments exist

As planned, Geoff arrives on Tuesday 11 May and immediately gets to work getting to know the boat. On Tuesday morning it still looks like we have a weather window for a departure on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. By Tuesday afternoon the weather has turned and there is some nasty weather developing in the south….

February 28, 2020 Peter No comments exist

With the Cordalga trip now just a distant memory and a few trips to New Zealand since the trip, it is now time to seriously think about getting Great Escape somewhere warm for the winter that is fast approaching. There are still however a few repairs that need to be done before we can leave….

October 12, 2019 Peter 2 comments

Saturday dawned overcast and the weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms. It would be Peter’s last day on Cordalga, he had other commitments and needed to get home. Geoff had planned to leave the Gold Coast but with the weather the way it was, Cordalga couldn’t go anywhere. Before leaving a good friend, Debbie,…

October 8, 2019 Peter No comments exist

By Friday night the Skipper was ‘at 95%’ and we were back in business. We had planned another early start on Saturday, up at 03H30 for a 04H00 departure. When the alarm went off at 03H30 the wind was howling and Geoff couldn’t get a clear picture of the bar conditions from the Bar Cam….

October 2, 2019 Peter No comments exist

In addition to the vibration causing Glenn to have a very cold swim in Narooma, while doing a routine check, the engine suddenly overheated. Finding the problem proved elusive, resulting in Glenn having to disassemble and reassemble the entire cooling system. There was no apparent cause for the overheating but the problem disappeared. The initial…

September 23, 2019 Peter No comments exist

It is a long way from Wyee in NSW to Lakes Entrance in Victoria and even with the good Australian public transport system it would still take 2 days to get from Wyee to Lakes Entrance. It would be a combination of train and bus trips of varying lengths with an overnight stop in Canberra….

September 16, 2019 Peter No comments exist

With all that has been going on over the past months we haven’t been able to spend any time at sea – something we need badly right now. It has been well over a year since our trip from Adelaide to Wyee and Great Escape has been on a swing mooring at Wyee Point Marina…

September 11, 2019 Peter No comments exist

Some 11 months after we started this project we are finally getting close to finishing it. We settled on the Airhead Waterless Composting Toilet mainly because of space considerations and the fact that we can use the existing black tank deck vent to vent the toilet. It would however need a small modification on the…