Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

June 25, 2017 Peter No comments exist

We had purposefully avoided buying anything at any of the markets in Koh Samui, Phuket and Khao Lak as we knew our last stop would be Bangkok and we would be able to find anything we wanted at the markets in Bangkok. Simply choosing a market to visit in Bangkok is a task. There are many markets in Bangkok but as it so happened we were not too far away from the Chatuchak Weekend Market, the largest market in Thailand and ‘The World’s Largest Weekend Market’.


The market has been going for over 70 years and has over 15 000 stalls selling all manner of goods. The market will often have in excess of 200 000 visitors over a weekend. What was I thinking when agreeing to visit the market with Margaret! I am sure they broke the record for attendance on the day we went, there were people everywhere!

Getting to the market proved to be an experience in itself. The walk to the Ploenchit BTS Skytrain station was uneventful but the ride on the Skytrain from Ploentchit station to Mo Chit station had one having a great deal of sympathy for sardines in a tin. Mind you, we were probably packed in tighter than the sardines.  The walk from the station to the market was no better. There are tens of thousands of tourists all going in the same direction.

The market is divided into 27 sections selling plants, antiques, pets, food and drinks, ceramics, furniture, home decor, clothing and books – that’s the official list. There are some studies that have linked the market to trade in illegal wildlife. I think it is one of those places where you can get anything and nothing is taboo.

After 4 very long hours Margaret managed to find everything she was looking for and we could head back to the hotel to put our weary feet up.

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