We had decided to take a break from looking for a yacht and spend some time in Thailand. We had initially planned to stay in Thailand for three months but a change in circumstances meant that we had to limit this trip to two months. We had 60 day tourist visas issued in Australia and these could be extended for another 30 days. A large component of the expenses for these trips is the airfare to and from the country and it is, in our view, better to stay as long as possible to amortise the cost of the airfare over the period of the trip. We arrived in Thailand on 1 May 2017 and left on 28 June 2017.


We kept a detailed record of all our expenses for this trip for two reasons; we thought we might do this trip again in the future and it would help from a budgeting point of view and secondly, it may be useful for someone else contemplating a similar trip. All costs have been converted to Thai Baht as at the date the expense was incurred.


We flew from Sydney, Australia to Bangkok on 1 May with Thai Airways, spent the night at Silver Gold Garden Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel in Bangkok and flew from Bangkok to Koh Samui on 2 May with Bangkok Airways. We stayed at the Choeng Mon Beach Hotel and Spa from 2 May to 28 May and flew from Koh Samui to Phuket on 28 May, again with Bangkok Airways. We spent a week – 28 May to 4 June - in Karon in Phuket staying at the Phuket Island View Hotel and then moved north to Phan Nga staying at the Nangthon Bay Resort Hotel for almost three weeks – 4 June to 23 June. We flew from Phuket International Airport (the closest airport to Phan Nga) to Bangkok via Bangkok Airways on 23 June and spent 5 nights at The Atlanta Hotel in Bangkok.


Visas and Flights


The costs for the visas and flights were as follows:

  • 60 Day Tourist Visas                                               : THB  2 270.29
  • Flights from Sydney to Bangkok                            : THB34 305.03
  • Flights from Bangkok to Koh Samui                     : THB  8 380.00
  • Flights from Koh Samui to Phuket                        : THB  7 200.00
  • Flights from Phuket to Bangkok                            : THB   3 580.00

Total for visas and flights                                           : THB55 735.32




Item May 2017 June 2017 Total
Bank Charges THB  1 100.00 THB  1 320.00 THB  2 420.00
Car Rental THB  1 500.00 THB  1 175.00 THB  2 675.00
Clothing THB     430.00 Nil THB     430.00
Eating Out THB10 700.00 THB11 264.00 THB21 964.00
Entertainment / Tours Nil THB  6 400.00 THB  6 400.00
Food THB14 692.81 THB  8 609.00 THB23 301.81
Hotel Accommodation THB24 647.53 THB28 005.79 THB52 653.32
Laundry THB  1 020.00 THB  1 008.00 THB  2 028.00
Massages THB     800.00 Nil THB     800.00
Other THB     780.00 THB  1 796.00 THB  2 576.00
Taxi Fare THB  2 800.00 THB  5 050.00 THB  7 850.00
Medical THB  1 476.00 THB     513.00 THB  1 989.00
Total THB59 946.34 THB65 140.79 THB125 087.13


The hotels we stayed at were either 3 or 4 star hotels (except for The Atlanta Hotel which really is at best a 2 star hotel) and, where possible, we ate where the locals ate. We avoided the restaurants catering mainly to westerners with very expensive western food. We chose our tours carefully and did as much as we could by yourselves.


Our total expenses amounted to THB180 822.45 for the 59 days. Excluding flights and visas our average daily cost was THB2 120.12 and if the visas and flights are included, the daily was THB3 064.79.


You can read more about our Thailand trip on our blog.