Meet Peter

An adventurer at heart. After a lifetime in the corporate world doing the ‘eat, sleep, work’ routine, I decided – in my early 50’s - that it was time to do something different. After a failed marriage and making sure my children where properly educated, I set off on a motorcycle by myself around New Zealand and Australia. It may just have been a mid-life crisis. That certainly set the tone for the years that followed! You can read more about that stage of my life here.


I was born and raised in South Africa and emigrated to New Zealand in 2003 (just didn't like what I was seeing in my country of birth). Love motorbikes, travel, red wine and of course, Margaret. Would love to see the world on two wheels but Margaret needs a kitchen.

The being-on-the-treadmill part of my life was spent in insurance and finance. I worked for a few multi-nationals, started a few companies and then got bored and sold them, and generally just worked much too hard. I now occasionally do some part time work for a company based in London. They send me around the world to talk to people who have, or control, vast amounts of money to find out where they are investing it and why. 

Meet Margaret

Loves to cook. Prior to meeting Peter I lived in the same house for 28 years and, even though I dreamed of this lifestyle, never actually thought I would get to live it. I would spend hours watching the The Sailing Adventures of Paul and Sheryl Shard.


The death of my husband in 2006 was devastating and turned my world upside down.


Then I met Peter and he turned my world upside down again. Suddenly the house was sold, all my possessions where in storage and he was taking me to a strange country to live in a bus. What a journey it has been! Love champagne, travel, good food, and of course, Peter.


I am both excited and apprehensive about living on a boat. Will the kitchen be big enough? How will we keep the champagne cold?

I am a qualified hair-stylist and that's all I ever wanted to be. I loved the job, the interaction with my clients and being a mentor to those coming into the industry. Some of my clients where with me for 32 years. I had my own business and in one way or another was involved with the same company for 30 years. 


Prior to setting off on this journey I always wanted stability and security. This journey has taught me that there is more to life than material possessions.

1959 was a good vintage

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