Great Escape has been sold

August 8, 2021 Peter 2 comments

After owning Great Escape for almost 4 years, we have sold her. We, and in particular Peter, have decided that owning a yacht is not for us. Of all the travelling we have done, the time in the yacht has proved to be the most work and the least enjoyable. Somehow we get blinded by the dream of owning a yacht and sailing off to exotic destinations. The reality, especially when you own an old yacht, is that most of the time is spent attending to the maintenance of the yacht. Yachts live in a harsh environment and require constant maintenance. There are many, many yachts near us where the owners have bought into the dream but have not kept up with the maintenance and the yacht is simply rotting away. We saw this happen in the RV world in the USA and the term they use there is ‘lot rot’.

Coupled with the amount of work that needs to be done, is the fact that sailing is really hard work, especially as you get older. Running around the deck of a yacht that is being bounced around is not easy. Peter has done 3 big passages (all over 1 000nm each) and they are demanding. Four hourly watches in lousy weather is demanding especially when you are crossing an ocean and there is nowhere to stop. It may be easier for those who grew up sailing but learning to sail later in life is a steep learning curve and very time consuming.

It was with some trepidation that we decided to sell Great Escape. Selling a second hand yacht is also not an easy task and can take many months. It had taken us over a year to buy a yacht. As it turns out, it was far easier than we anticipated. The Australian border has been closed for almost 18 months and overseas vacations are not possible. There is also a shortage of yachts in Australia due to the fact that no yachts are allowed in. There would normally be a large amount of overseas arrivals each year and many of these yachts would then be sold. Many Australians are now buying boats, yachts and caravans and travelling round Australia instead of going overseas.

We decided that we would sell Great Escape ourselves. We have in the past been highly critical of the second hand boat market and our view has not changed. We appreciate there are many honest boat brokers but the majority are, in our opinion, dishonest and will do and say anything for a sale. There was no way we where going to pay a boat broker to do something that we could do ourselves. Great Escape was probably in the best shape she has ever been in when we listed her for sale.

We listed Great Escape on a number of websites and went to great lengths to present her properly. We made a video and that can be viewed here. Great Escape was on the market for 6 weeks before she sold. We received 4 serious offers, one of which was made in the first 24 hours. It is time to do something different.

2 Comments on “Great Escape has been sold

  1. I have so enjoyed reading your factual account of taking the road less travelled. Congratulations on taking up some hairy challenges and overcoming them. It has made some very interesting reading. Since meeting you in the early 2000’s there has been much water under the bridge. It is time to do something different, you say. I would be interested in what next.

    1. Hi Steve, nice to hear from you. I have bought a 4WD Ute and a caravan and the plan is to do a lap or two around Australia.

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