It was only a question of time

January 23, 2022 Peter No comments exist

With the Omicron variant of Covid-19 so prevalent in Australia, it was only a question of time before we were affected. The authorities in Australia are making a real mess of dealing with the Omicron variant and it is everywhere. The case numbers are simply staggering and we are constantly receiving Covid-19 alert notifications from NSW Health.

We had planned on spending a few days with Margaret’s daughter, Veronique, and her family in Waterfall and then visiting her other daughter, Genevieve, in Sanctuary Point. Veronique and all three children have now been affected by Covid-19 and Margaret is a close contact due to the time that she spent with them. In terms of the NSW Health regulations Margaret is now required to self isolate for a period of 7 days and have two Rapid Antigen Tests, one immediately and the second on day 6. There are however no Rapid Antigen Tests available.

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, famously said, “This is not a race”, when talking about dealing with the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It would appear that they felt the same way about sourcing Rapid Antigen Tests. Other countries in the world have a plentiful supply and are giving them away and Australia is now desperately trying to source them. It is not a race until it is a race. The economy is slowly grinding to a halt with some supermarket shelves bare. There is no toilet paper or meat in our local supermarkets.

With no Rapid Antigen Tests available, we had to book Margaret in for a PCR test. The local drive through testing centre is closed due to flooding. The only reason we could book Margaret in for a PCR test is because she has symptoms – she has a fever. The testing clinic website is very clear, they will not test you if you have no symptoms. We booked Margaret in for a PCR test on Friday morning and the result was back by Saturday morning – negative. So far so good. In terms of the NSW Health orders Margaret is required to have another test on day 6 and if that is negative she can come out of isolation and self monitor for another 7 days.

We are reluctant to move until we are very sure we do not have Covid-19. Margaret had a second PCR test on Monday and it was again negative. Margaret’s family have had to cut their holiday short as the entire family now has Covid and the adults are pretty ill.

While we are stuck waiting for quarantine periods to pass, we ordered some new batteries for the caravan. When we looked at the caravan it appeared that there where two batteries. There are two battery boxes and they are well strapped up to prevent the batteries from moving during transit. When we opened the battery boxes there was however only one battery. So much for full disclosure by the seller. We intend to spend long periods off the grid and batteries will be important so we decided to install 2 good AGM batteries. With Covid-19 being rampant across Australia all the supply chains are taking strain and our batteries are now delayed. We are stuck here until the batteries arrive.

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