New South Wales


We moved into the caravan full time on 8 January 2022. We would have liked to have moved north to Queensland, but a family wedding in May will keep us in New South Wales until then. The State borders have only just re-opened but the State Premiers have a habit of closing borders at the drop of a hat and we cannot risk getting caught on the wrong side of a closed border.


We will spend the next few months testing everything in the caravan and getting it ready for the lap around Australia.


Whilst the caravan had been well maintained, it had been standing for a while and ‘lot rot’ had already started to set in. We fixed a leak in one of the water tanks, replaced both arms on the awning and had a few issues with the electrics that had to be resolved.

We are determined not to simply travel from caravan park to caravan park as we do the lap of Australia. We can think of nothing worse than simply travelling from caravan park to caravan park. Our caravan is set up for us to live off the grid and is also a semi-off road caravan which means that we can take it places most caravans can’t go. We came across Bendeela Recreation Area quite by chance and it seemed the perfect place to test our caravan while living off the grid. Bendeela Recreation Area is about 2 hours south of Sydney on the banks of the Kangaroo River. The area is maintained by NSW Water and is effectively a free camping area. It would be our first experience living off the grid in the caravan. Getting to Bendeela was an interesting experience but one of our own making and you can read about that here.


We loved Bendeela but our first outing only lasted 5 days before the electrics in the caravan failed and we had to return to Sydney. Our second outing at Bendeela was far more successful but we were thrown out after a week due to some really bad weather. You can view a short video we made on Bendeela here.