The Lap around Australia

With the boat and holiday home sold and us now the owners of a Ute and Caravan it is time to set off for a lap, or two, around Australia as part of the Grey Nomads fraternity. As much as we would like to head north to Queensland we have the small problem of Covid-19 to deal with. It is now the middle of January 2022 and the Omicron variant is spreading like wildfire. Margaret has just been notified that her granddaughter, with whom she spent some time, has been infected and Margaret now has to be tested and self isolate. The Australian internal State and Territory borders are starting to open and hopefully the Australian authorities will get the situation under control. You can see our setup costs here.

New South Wales

The starting point for our lap is Jasmine Lakeside Village in New South Wales. As always, we do not have a plan and will make it up as we go along. We will be recording all our travels in Google My Maps. The caravan icons are places where we have spent a night and the teardrop icons are possibilities for our next stop.