Boat Plumbing – Part 4 – We Have A Toilet

September 11, 2019 Peter No comments exist

Some 11 months after we started this project we are finally getting close to finishing it.

We settled on the Airhead Waterless Composting Toilet mainly because of space considerations and the fact that we can use the existing black tank deck vent to vent the toilet. It would however need a small modification on the venting system. The black tank has been sealed up simply because it is too difficult to remove it.

The head on the boat went from looking like this

To this

And finally to this

The fan for the Airhead is designed to be mounted on the deck, effectively pulling air out but we do not want to cut another large hole in the deck. There was also no way we could get to the pipe attached to the existing deck vent and we would have to find some way to properly vent the toilet through the small pipe and deck vent to avoid nasty smells. We had enough of those with the old badly installed system.

We ordered an extra fan and housing and made a fitting to house the two fans back to back. The one fan is pulling air from the Airhead and the other fan is pushing the air out through the deck vent. We fortunately already had two switches that we could use for the fans.

We still need to mount a cover over the existing deck vent and will do that shortly. The deck vent faces forward and any water on the deck will enter the vent and run down the pipe. We have a fitting that will allow us to use the vent when we are stationary but also allow us to seal the vent completely when we are sailing or in heavy weather.

Now that the head has been sorted out and the cockpit properly sealed we can start to sort out the other items that need to be done before we head somewhere exotic.


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