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July 22, 2017 Peter No comments exist

Writing a blog is no easy task, no, make that writing a blog that people are going to read is no easy task.  WPVirtuoso estimate that there are 152,000,000 blogs on the internet and “A new blog is created somewhere in the World every half a second.” That’s an awful lot of blogs vying for attention. And all blogs are certainly not created equal. Trying to develop a blog that is interesting, informative and one that people will want to visit takes a great deal of time and effort. We were very conscious of this when developing this blog.  We wanted a blog with lots of bold big pictures as well as videos. We aren’t overly concerned about having the most read blog on the internet, we simply want to record our journey. If others who are thinking of doing something similar find it informative, that’s a bonus.


The only problem was we had absolutely no idea how to make videos and we still pretty much bumble along. The competition in the YouTube video space is far more intense than the blogging space. There are over 1 Billion (yip, that’s with a B) videos on YouTube and over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. It is estimated that about 5 Billion (yip, again with a B) videos are watched every day. We again weren’t overly concerned by these statistics, we don’t expect our videos to be the most watched, but we would like to make interesting videos that we will enjoy watching when we are old and doddery and no longer able to travel like we do now.


Just as we would not have been able to make this blog without this video made by Tyler Moore showing us how to do so, we would not have been able to make videos without the videos made by William Huw. William has a fantastic website with step by step instructions on how to make videos. Shooting the picture is the easy part. Turning that footage into a video is something else. One of the biggest challenges is finding good music for the video. It was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who famously said “Music is the universal language of mankind”. Good music can make an otherwise video good and an inappropriate piece of music can be disastrous for the best of videos.


The problem is not with finding good music, but with finding good royalty free music. There are a few sites offering royalty free music but everyone is using this music and some of it is not appropriate for the videos we make. I happened to receive an email from ContiMusic who make royalty free music and was amazed at the quality of the music and the one-off price.

ContiMusic is operated by Tom and Chris Conti; a husband and wife team in Italy who compose, record and sell royalty free music. Royalty free music is a new market for them but, they have a very good selection which they add to regularly and their website is easy to navigate. Tom and Chris can also be contacted for custom musical compositions which, they tell me, are very well priced. The last video we made was with their music.


We need to make it clear that we have not received any form of compensation from any of the parties mentioned and our sole purpose in mentioning them is to help others who may be facing similar challenges.


And so we have one less challenge when making videos. Thanks Tom and Chris!

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