Crossing the Tasman Sea

June 5, 2021 Peter 1 comment

After 16 days at sea we finally arrived in Coffs Harbour on Thursday 3 June 2021. To say that it has been an eventful passage would be an understatement. What should have been a passage of 6 to 8 days turned into a passage of 16 days. During the passage we lost both sails and the auto-pilot. You can read the full story here.

We are however still stuck on the boat. We are required to have negative Covid-19 tests before we can leave the boat and the tests were done on Friday. It is now Saturday morning and we are still waiting for the test results. Until we get the test results the owner is also not allowed onto the boat. Hopefully we will get the test results in the next few hours and we can finally get off this boat. It is one of those experiences that, having done once, I have no desire to do again.

I wonder how the owner feels about the delivery. During the course of the passage the genoa was ripped to shreds, the auto-pilot stopped working, the mainsail became jammed and wont unfurl, the bracket holding the wind-vane lost a vital bolt, the topping lift snapped and an unknown part fell off the boat and landed on the deck.

1 Comment on “Crossing the Tasman Sea

  1. Well done & a bloody good read, the trip from hell! I have seen the Tasman looking like glass & I have seen it at it’s worst. No Autp pilot would have been a bastard as would no cockpit protection.

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