Delivering Cordalga – Houston We Have a Problem

September 26, 2019 Peter No comments exist

Glenn burnt the midnight oil for a few nights and on Tuesday Cordalga was ready to go back in the water. The plan was to splash her at about midday and take off immediately but boats have a mind of their own and she only went back in the water late afternoon which didn’t leave enough time to refuel before the fuel station closed for the day. They were happy to supply fuel after hours subject to a A$140 surcharge. We would wait until Wednesday morning.

Passing the baton.
I hope it floats.

After some last minute shopping and topping up the fuel tanks we left Lakes Entrance at 10H00 Sydney bound. Glenn was a bundle of energy for the first hour checking everything and going into his favourite place, the engine compartment, frequently to check that everything was working properly. No sooner had he settled down to relax on the deck when at about 11H30 we heard the engine alarm. There was an oil leak from the oil filter and there was oil everywhere.


The boat initially had been rolling quite a bit but this settled down once Glenn filled the forward fish tanks with water. With the engine off, the boat was rolling a lot and it certainly made life interesting for Glenn in the engine compartment. About 20 minutes later the problem was solved and we were off again making steady progress at about 7 knots.


Sometime in the afternoon the deck-wash hose clamp in the engine bay came loose and the engine bay took on quite a lot of water. The problem was quickly solved but the alternator would prove to be a casualty. In Glenn’s words ‘we drowned it’. Cordalga is a power hungry boat and with no way to charge the batteries it would quickly become a problem.


Instead of going straight to Sydney, a 3 day passage, we would call in at Eden to attend to the alternator. We arrived in Eden at 05H30 on Thursday morning and managed to tie up at Snug Cove. We had covered 145 miles in 19.5 hours.

Glenn disappeared into his favourite place and the offending item was removed and brought up to the deck. Finding a replacement proved to be difficult, they were only available in Canberra.

We drowned it.

Just a minor setback.

Glenn contacted the previous owner who was able to help with a replacement which will be here on Friday morning. The Skipper has kindly given us the day off.

Eden is a small coastal town almost midway between Sydney and Melbourne and was named after George Eden who was the Earl of Auckland. The Aussie Towns website notes “The town’s great appeal lies in its idyllic location on Twofold Bay which, historically, is romantically connected to the age of whaling.

The views from the look out point are spectacular.


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