Delivering Cordalga – Peter says Goodbye

October 12, 2019 Peter 2 comments

Saturday dawned overcast and the weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms. It would be Peter’s last day on Cordalga, he had other commitments and needed to get home. Geoff had planned to leave the Gold Coast but with the weather the way it was, Cordalga couldn’t go anywhere.

Before leaving a good friend, Debbie, invited us around for dinner. It was a great evening with much laughter, good food and good wine. Thanks for having us Debbie!

The trip so far in numbers:

Days since departure: 18

Distance covered: 873 NM

Total time: 129 Hours

Overnight passages: 2

Before Peter left he did take a picture of his next boat. He is off to start a GoFundMe page to pay for it.

Thanks Geoff and Glenn for letting me be part of this adventure!

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