Food, Glorious (Thai) Food!

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“Food, Glorious Food”, written by Lionel Bart, is the opening song from the 1960’s West End and Broadway musical (and 1968 film) Oliver! It is sung when the workhouse boys are dreaming and fantasizing about food while going to collect their gruel from the staff of the workhouse. (,_Glorious_Food). For us it is, “Food, Glorious Thai Food” and we sing it while on the way to one of the local Thai restaurants or the street food markets.


The trick is to find out where the locals eat. There is, in our view, little point in simply eating western food in Thailand, the problems are two-fold. The locals only make western food for the tourists and often do not have access to the correct ingredients (or the know how) to do so, and the prices are sky high. We had been introduced to the ‘Post Office’ restaurant in Choeng Mon by Dianne and James and it quickly became one of our favourites in Choeng Mon. Not only was the food really good but the prices were hard to beat. Could we find something similar in Karon?


While doing the necessary research for our trip to Thailand, we had come across Jamie’s Phuket Blog. Jamie is an expat living in Phuket and is a mine of information when it comes to Phuket. As it happens, he works at Sunrise Dive Centre in Karon which is just a short walk from our hotel. He also just happens to have done a blog page on where to eat cheaply in Karon. Could he introduce us to a ‘Post Office’ restaurant in Karon?


Jamie recommended 4 restaurants – Pim’s Kitchen, Mama Nois, Sala Bua Restaurant and The Pad Thai Shop. Pad Thai is a common dish in Thailand but one we are not very fond of and we would consequently give The Pad Thai Shop a miss. Sala Bua Restaurant would unfortunately not be an option as they only open in season and we would be visiting in the off season.


The first of Jamie’s recommendations that we tried was Pim’s Kitchen and it proved to be a real winner! The quality of the food was fantastic and so where the prices, for less than THB200 we could have dinner. We had found our ‘Post Office’ restaurant in Karon! We would be visiting this restaurant often.

Next on our list was Mama Nois. The food was again lovely although we found the prices to be a little higher than Pim’s Kitchen. It is a much larger restaurant and this may account for the higher prices. We also found that it was very popular among the Asian tourists and dinner time, in particular, was a very noisy place to eat. For some or other reason the Asian tourists found it necessary to shout at each other even though they were at the same table. We would have to time our visits to this restaurant carefully.

It was on a visit to Mama Nois one evening that we noticed that there were a large number of street food vendors just across the road. There were many locals eating from the street vendors and this could only be a good sign.

We resolved to have a meal from these street food vendors before we left Karon. Our first meal from these vendors was lunch which turned out to be really good.

Now that we had broken the ice with the street vendors, it was time to give dinner with them a go. With so many options to choose from, we were really spoilt for choice! We decided on rice and vegetables from Pim’s (cost THB95) and fish from one of the street vendors (cost THB100). A balanced meal for under THB200 (US5.87) – it doesn’t get much better than this. So we join the locals, find a table and sit down to eat.

This again turns out to be an excellent meal and more food than we could possibly eat. We love the food in Thailand!

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