Sydney Fish Market

May 1, 2021 Peter No comments exist

One of the things we enjoy doing is visiting fish markets. We have been to a few around the world with Pike Place Fish Market being one of our favourites. Pike Place Fish Market is world famous for the throwing of the fish. The Sydney Fish Market is second only to the Opera House when it comes to attracting tourists. Over 13 500 tonnes of seafood pass through the market each year and 1 000 crates of seafood (roughly 20 000kg) are auctioned every hour during the weekday wholesale auctions.


It is normally a bustling place with lots of overseas tourists but with the Australian borders closed it was fairly quiet. There is an abundance of lobster available now that China has banned the import of Australian lobster. The lobster fishermen are now getting A$25/kg as opposed to the A$80/kg before the ban. It’s a great time to be eating lobster!

The New South Wales government has, as a way of stimulating the local hospitality industry, given every adult in New South Wales four A$25 ‘Dine & Discovery’ vouchers. These vouchers can be used at participating restaurants and tourism companies. Doyles are a participating restaurant and so we decided to spoil ourselves with a seafood platter for two for lunch. One of the vouchers would cover half the cost. Not quite lobster, but a feast never-the-less.

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