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May 15, 2021 Peter No comments exist

As planned, Geoff arrives on Tuesday 11 May and immediately gets to work getting to know the boat. On Tuesday morning it still looks like we have a weather window for a departure on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. By Tuesday afternoon the weather has turned and there is some nasty weather developing in the south….

October 11, 2019 Peter No comments exist

“Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here.”  These are the actual words used by Jack Swigert during the Apollo 13 spaceflight. Hollywood changed them to the now popular ‘Houston, we have a problem’ for the movie. We too can now say ‘We’ve had a problem here’. Another one. The weather on Tuesday was anything but…

October 8, 2019 Peter No comments exist

By Friday night the Skipper was ‘at 95%’ and we were back in business. We had planned another early start on Saturday, up at 03H30 for a 04H00 departure. When the alarm went off at 03H30 the wind was howling and Geoff couldn’t get a clear picture of the bar conditions from the Bar Cam….

October 4, 2019 Peter No comments exist

We’re getting used to these early mornings. It was up at 03H00 again on Thursday for a 04H00 departure from Nelson Bay headed for Port Macquarie. During the routine engine checks the previous day, Geoff noticed that the engine oil level was low which was a bit of a concern. The previous run to Nelson…