Tag: Coledale Camping Reserve

April 7, 2022 Peter No comments exist

No sooner had we arrived at Coledale Camping Reserve than the heavens opened again and the Reserve was again flooded. The sites are now very muddy and we have been asked to keep our cars off the sites to protect them. The bank behind our caravan simply could not cope with the volume of water….

March 24, 2022 Peter No comments exist

The weather just keeps getting worse. As I write this on Thursday 3 March 2022, there are 500 000 people in NSW under an evacuation notice of some kind. Some are just warnings but others are orders. We awoke this morning to news that a few caravan parks very close to us – about 2km…

March 2, 2022 Peter No comments exist

Between the weather and the caravan batteries, things have been a little unsettled. The batteries should have been a fairly simple matter – take out the old battery and install the two new batteries in parallel. It always sounds easy in my head. We installed the 2 new batteries and while watching TV about 2…