The waiting game

May 15, 2021 Peter No comments exist

As planned, Geoff arrives on Tuesday 11 May and immediately gets to work getting to know the boat. On Tuesday morning it still looks like we have a weather window for a departure on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. By Tuesday afternoon the weather has turned and there is some nasty weather developing in the south. In now looks unlikely that we will have a weather window for the next 10 days.

Growing oysters is really big business in New Zealand and there is a large oyster farm in the Bay of Islands. There is a great deal of activity every day with the fishermen taking the small oysters to the farm and bringing the spat and fully grown oysters in. It is a complicated time consuming process which explains the exorbitant restaurant prices.

These baby oysters are going back to the farm where they will remain for about 12 months before being harvested.

While we are waiting for the weather window, I leave Geoff and Dean on the boat while I return to Auckland to spend some time with my family.

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